What Are The Benefits Of Zinc Roofing?

Zinc is a great material to have on your roof and it has endless amounts of benefits. However, there are so many options out there to choose from, it can get a bit confusing. It is a good idea to evaluate all of your options but in this post, we will be looking at the benefits of Zinc roofing.

Eco Friendly 

Some people worry about how eco-friendly zinc roofing is but it actually uses significantly less energy to produce it than other kinds of metal roofs. This is because zinc has a lower melting point so less energy is needed to melt this metal.

Another benefit that makes it highly eco friendly is that even when the roof is no longer usable and needs to be replaced, the old zinc roofing can be melted down and reused once again, as this material is completely recyclable. Although this is all great, if the roof only lasts for a few years then it is really not as eco friendly as we thought, however, with zinc roofing this is not the case. Zinc is able to last you for many years and can last up to three or four times longer than a steel roof or one with concrete tiles.

Resistant to Many Elements

The best kind of roof will be resistant to rust and moisture so it can protect the home properly without the need for expensive repairs. Many people think that all metal is susceptible to rust but this just isn’t true, zinc is much less susceptible to rust and can be very resistant to corrosion. This makes zinc an excellent option for all kinds of weather conditions without the fear that it will rust.

Self Repairing

This is a very unique ability that zinc has, it is able to repair itself. Of course, if it is falling apart it is not going to fix itself but minor scratches or environmental damage will over time repair themselves, keeping your roof looking as good as new for many years to come.


The reason zinc is able to repair itself is because of the protective layer, the patina, which sits on top of it. It is made of hydroxyl carbonate which means it will block moisture and chemicals from getting through if this layer is scratched it will end up repairing itself so the blemish goes away, therefore, needing very little repairs throughout its life.

Easily Shaped

One of the many benefits of zinc is that it is actually really easily shaped. This means if your building has a uniquely shaped roof, this material can be bent around that structure much easier than other metals. This is used a lot for modern architecture to get some very unique designs.

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