The Difference Between Steel & Aluminium Roofs

When looking into the materials available for your next roof, you will come across many options which are very different from each other such as zinc copper or lead but there is sometimes some confusion around the differences between steel and aluminium. This post should teach you about the differences and maybe help you to figure out if these roofing options are right for you.


Despite both of these materials being extremely durable, steel is the winner of the two. On aluminium, there is a naturally occurring oxide which coats the material giving it excellent properties to make it more durable. Steel on the other has the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques allowing it to last much longer than aluminium.


Aluminium greatest attribute is the fact that it naturally corrosion resistant without any need for treatment. Steel, on the other hand, will usually need to be painted or treated after the product is made to prevent this from happening.


Steel is an extremely strong material which makes it difficult to bend or warp, however, with this strength comes weight. This material is a lot heavier than aluminium and usually around 2.5 times denser. This makes steel harder to bend so if you have a complex roof, aluminium may be better due to is malleable properties.


Although there are more expensive choices that aluminium and steel, they definitely aren’t the cheapest either. Aluminium is the cheaper option of the two but steel is definitely a more cost-effective option.

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