Types of Metal Roofing For Houses

Roofs maybe something a lot of people don’t think too much about when it comes to their house. However, each type of material comes with its own set of benefits but as well as that they all look very different, providing a unique look to your home. Metal is a solid material meaning it is perfect for a roof; however, determining which metal is best can be a challenge; this guide should help with that.



Life Span – Aluminium is a strong material; therefore, it can last up to 50 years or maybe even longer, other types of roofing may only last 10-12 years, therefore, working out a lot more expensive in the long run.

Ease to Maintain – This material is extremely easy to maintain but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything, to prevent things like dents or leaking you should have a professional come out ones a year to take a look at the roof and patch up any small issues that could develop when left.

Energy Efficiency – Extremely energy efficient, in summer the material will help to cool down the house by reflecting sun ray whereas in winter they will help to warm the house up saving you money or your utility bills.

Durability – Even though this material is quite thin, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good quality. It is extremely strong and does not rust, so you can be reassured that this material won’t be affected by moisture and heat and will last you for many years.

Price – Cost quite a bit of money but due to the quality or them and how long they last they work out cheaper than getting a less expensive metal which needs to be replaced.



Life Span – This material can last up to 100 years making it a far more durable option that all the other metal roofing options

Ease to Maintain – Most of the time copper roofs don’t require any maintenance at all, some people choose to clean their roofs every so often out of personal choice but it is definitely not necessary.

Energy Efficiency – This material allows heat to be absorbed as well as reflected so that in winter you have a warm home and in summer it is cooler. 

Durability – This is the only roofing material that actually improves with age and can withstand all types of weather 

Price – Due to how durable the material is it rarely needs maintaining or repairing so those costs are very low however, the material itself is expensive.


Stainless Steel

Life Span – Although steel roofs may not last that long, stainless steel, on the other hand, can last around 80-100 years

Ease to Maintain – This material does not rust or corrode reducing the cost of maintenance by a lot.

Energy Efficiency – It has excellent heat reflection properties cooling and heating the property when need be.

Durability – This is arguable the most durable metal roofing as it is strong and resistant to stress like extreme weathers.

Price – This definitely isn’t a cheap option, however, the length of time it lasts due to the lack of maintenance make up for it.



Life Span – This material lasts for a very long time, from 60+ sometimes lasting hundreds.

Ease to Maintain – This is a completely maintenence free option since the material is able to ‘heal’ itself

Energy Efficiency – Zinc roofing prevents heat from entering, therefore, making the whole home easier to keep cool and can help save money on energy bills.

Durability – This material lasts for an extremely long time, battling through all types of weather while healing itself, making this material extremely durable.

Price – This is one of the cheaper metal roof options when you look at materials like copper or lead



Life Span – Lasts for over 60 years and sometimes as much as 200

Ease to Maintain – This material doesn’t usually need much maintenance but it is still a good idea to check it once a year or after a very bad spell of weather.

Energy Efficiency – This is the worlds greenest building material to make and is 100% recyclable, as well as making your house more energy-efficient as it is a great form of insulation.

Durability – Extremely durable being able to expand and contract with different temperatures

Price – Although it is expensive it works out as 100% more cost-effective over a 65 year period


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